Regional Development Australia

The regional Development Australia (RDA) is a partnership between the entire state of Australia and its local governments to develop the regional communities, such as Geraldton for example.. There are 55 committees that constitute the RDA. These committees each have its own leader who volunteered to give his or her time in developing their respective region. They can develop their region by working with the local government, businesses, and communities in the region where their committee serves. Each of these committees work with their respective communities to tackle important issues in the environmental, social, and economic aspects in their region. These committees get their findings from the Australian Government.

The leaders of each committee are equipped with different skills and experiences to tackle each issue that their respective region faces. The members of each committee, on the other hand, are important an individual who knows how important it is to serve their region, what challenges awaits them in RDA, and what must be prioritized in their region. Different bodies appoint these leaders and members, such as:

  • The Minister for regional Australia
  • The Minister for Regional Development
  • The Minister for Local Government
  • The minister for state or territory government appoints the RDA in most regions
  • The local government association also appoints RDA ins some jurisdiction

An Interest Process appoints them through an open and public expression. The Australian Government funds the operations of these committees. The state, territory and local governments also funds some of the regions involved in the RDA. You can find all the details you need top know about the RDA in the State and Territory Information. The membership and contact details of the members and the leaders of your local RDA can be fount in this agency as well. The Australian Government is very dedicated on strengthening their cooperation with the states and territories to create greater developments with the different regions of Australia. There are different kinds of arrangement that the RDA have among all the states and territories all over Australia to make sure they meet the needs of each region. The state and territories that have an RDA committee are:

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Northern Territory
  • Australian Capital Territory.

The RDA committees in each region are inter-linked with each other to give a strategic plan to develop the economic, social and government aspect of each region. The main functions of the RDA are:

  • Support the regional planning
  • Cooperate with the community on their government programs, grants, services, and other activities that leads to regional development
  • Do the needed responsibilities for the government and communities on developmental activities and programs
  • Help the business sector, the environmental movements and the social inclusion strategies for their respective regions

The RDA is an integral part in informing the Australian, Territory, state and local governments on the developments of each region by giving those inputs. RDA also promotes jobs for each region, investments, and gives more awareness programs for the benefit of the society.

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